The Baltic Chemistry Conference is an international student-doctoral conference that aims to increase the scientific potential of young scientists. The conference is completely free for speakers and passive participants. At BCC, young speakers from different countries (students, doctoral and young scientists) can present their research results or a problem on popular science topics. The conference is online due to COVID-19 pandemics.

January – 16.04.2023

Registration and abstract submission

video submission

Deadline video submission
or information that the presentation will be presented online (presentation & poster)


Confirmation of participation


Baltic Chemistry Conference on Microsoft Teams

How will the Baltic Chemistry Conference be conducted in an online format?

(main part of the conference)

A form of speech in which the speaker gives a short presentation on a choosen topic. The presentation is presented as a video or live presentation (15 min).

Afterwards, all participants of the Baltic Chemistry Conference will be able to ask questions to the presentation online (online participation of the speaker required). 

Send the videos to our email address. If you choose the online form (without uploading the video) you must also notify us by email by 30.04.2023.

(additional part of the conference)

A speaking format in which the speaker submits a pdf poster and a 5-minute video of the poster where they discuss the issue being presented.

The posters will be made available on the website under Posters, and speakers are required to respond to comments during the poster session and during the conference via chat (online). Text and audio chat channels (Microsoft Teams) will be open during the speeches. Speakers should lead the discussion during the poster sessions.

Send the videos to our email address by 30.04.2023.